On-line transmission

On-line transmission

Thanks to high-quality recording and transmission technology, we provide live broadcasting from live social and sports events even to those who are not in place. This will satisfy many more enthusiasts or fans.

In case of seminars and conferences, ready transfers can be kept and company training records are offered to new employees at any time after their entry into the company. Once a good record is created, the use is always there.

In the broadcast, standard ad formats for television, which are very attractive for the partners, can be used. Post-production work is also a part of our work, processing of video materials, whether after broadcasting or outside. Of course, we'll add other supporting materials that you will need to post to the video content.

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We have over 12 years of experience that we transfer to a world-class complex solution.

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We will cover all your action from the technical and production site. We have our own warehouses, team, studio, transport and we are creative.
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We began a member of newly established Czech Event Association at the beginning of March 2018.

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We can cover the entire event to the last point from our own warehouse and staff.
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