Festival of light Karlovy Vary 2016

Multimedia show

Event description

The Royal Road of Charles IV, the realized project in Karlovy Vary, which remembered Charles IV. as an extraordinary person of political and cultural history.

Realizing the Festival of Light is always a great challenge! Especially if you are doing a festival of this type for the first time and right across the whole city ... it will teach you enough! We continue to exercise our experience.

How did it all go

The aim of the audiovisual project was to create a historical personality in the center of Karlovy Vary with the help of Hi-tech multimedia elements in several places that were connected to each other and the guests enjoyed the captivation and charm of the area!

Services provided

  • Complete technical and production realization
  • 8 stops in Karlovy Vary
  • 40 000 visitors
  • Multimedia content

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Course of the event


Details of the project

40 000 visitors
50 crew
2 days of multimedia entertainment

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